Friday, May 18, 2018


The big move has come. You've done this before, right? Of course, but if you've forgotten any details you may be regretting not making a list and cheeking it twice.

Being thorough when moving is, of course, rule of thumb, but no matter how hard we try, something is always missed. Perhaps we should all prepare ourselves mentally for this eventuality.
Having everything packed up securely, well before loading and transporting, gives you breathing room to be as thorough as you possibly can. Checking and rechecking boxes and appliances and furniture can't be done enough. You have many things to keep track of and the more you inspect, the better.

The first step should be acquiring as many cheap moving boxes as you can find. Buying them at storage or moving companies is an option and going to local stores can get you some freebies. The professional moving company will have their own check lists for you and they can provide materials like blankets and straps for protecting furniture, etc. Making your own check list in addition is helpful and recommended, but boxes always come first.

There's really no easy way to pack up and move from your home. It will be stressful at times and it is strenuous by any measure, so keeping hydrated and fed goes a long way to helping with the physicality of the whole process. That goes without saying, but I said it anyway. Checking and rechecking your physical condition applies too.

Having lots of help is very important. However, getting friends and family to pitch in is, well, you know. There may not be a list or a website or service to help you in that regard at all! But there are professionals, and hiring them is always a best first step. Perhaps your friends and family will show up if professionals are there. Who knows?

Back to step one. Checking everything again. It can't be done enough, and having packed boxes; crates; furniture and appliances located centrally in the biggest room is a good way to keep tabs on all of your belongings. Methods can be preferential and each home is different. Therefore having a good plan before hand cuts down on errors or incidents.

Time makes all the difference. Waiting until the last minute should be against the law. Putting off any detail until the last minute is never a good thing. Though it may be a bit inconvenient, packing should be done as early as possible before the big day, even if sleeping on a couch or mattress is the only option. It's a small price to pay to ensure that things go smoothly.

Cleaning up as the process begins will be a simple matter and is a good way to keep checking for forgotten items, and it can be one less chore to do when everything is on the truck. Focus is the key and keeping outside distractions to a minimum helps the old memory.

That un-packing is simply the reverse of packing is not true; no matter how hard you try. Moving is simply not simple, but it is a part of life and when the time comes, help is always around be it personal or professional. Oh, don't forget the packing tape.

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